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Mamatani Under Spotlight by Friday Magazine

In the UAE: How two Emirati women are taking their cuisine to new heights

An abundance of sunshine fills Maitha Al Shamsi’s kitchen at her home in Dubai’s Al Aweer. She walks around the informal dining space, arranging and rearranging cutlery to make space for the food that’s been prepared. The lingering aroma of freshly baked bread and dihin khanin (locally made clarified butter) is both welcoming and comforting. The khameer (traditional Emirati breakfast bread) enjoys prime position at the table, along with the balaleet (sweetened and buttered vermicelli topped with pine seeds and strips of fried eggs) and chebabs (tender pancakes made of flour, milk, saffron and cardamom). Like a true Emirati matriarch, Maitha urges me to take the first bite. ‘Eat,’ she says, ‘guests invited into our homes are looked after and fed like kings.’

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