Mamatani Featured on Australian Traveller Magazine.

1439603986914Ute Junker breaks bread with some of Dubai’s new vanguard of local food enthusiasts.
Ciabatta and bagels, naan and pita bread. Our bread baskets have become a multicultural mash-up, so there is no reason why the next bread you sink your teeth into should not be khameer, a traditional Emirati flat bread. READ MORE

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Mamatani Featured on “Salt n Peppa”


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Mamatani Featured on BBC

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Mamatani Celebrates it’s First Birthday – GulfNews

gulfnewsHome cooking at Town Centre

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Mamatani Featured on Time Out Dubai

2015_1_mamatani_innerbigEmirati sandwiches and home-cooked Arabic food in Jumeirah

The unusual sandwiches made with Emirati khameer breads make this new destination a great place to try Mama Tani, which means ‘second mother’ in Arabic, promises a taste of home, serving traditional Emirati bread, aka khameer. READ MORE


In honour of Ramadan we check out Dubais date-inspired dishes

Dubai loves its dates and never more so than during Ramadan when residents and tourists prepare to break their fast with this fruit, as well as to offer it as gifts to friends and family. Date specialists Bateel sells more than 2,000 tons of dates in an average year in Dubai, with sales nearly tripling in Ramadan. READ MORE

milkshakes_innerbigFruity smoothies and creamy shakes to enjoy in Dubai

With summer rearing its over-heated head this month, it’s time to start sipping Dubai’s best cold drinks. Dubai is enamoured with cool fruity drinks: 250 million litres of fruit and vegetable juices were sold in the UAE in 2009, and there’s been significant annual growth since then. READ MORE

2013_3_dininggems_galleryBest mall restaurants in Dubai

Mercato’s minute neighbour houses a veritable eating gem. Mama Tani opened this year, with a concept of modernised Emirati food. The café serves traditional Emirati breads, khameer, stuffed with sweet and savoury options, such as fresh coriander with cream cheese and roasted nuts (delicious). READ MORE


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